The Spot

One of those things I’ve always wanted in my life was the spot. You know the place you and your friends go, the place where you’re the regulars, where people know you, that kind of spot. There have been various times when I’ve had a spot for awhile, but never really a permanent place. At the same time I think The Spot has always been an ideal of something that I didn’t necessarily have.

You see a Spot is an ideal place, it’s a place of perfection. Yet my life isn’t perfect. My life isn’t ideal. It’s in realizing this truth to myself, I’ve found myself no longer searching for The Spot. Rather I found myself searching not for the spot, but what the spot stood for. For me the reason I wanted a spot was to hang out with my friends. To have a place that I belonged. But those things don’t require just a spot. They require me to meet my friends, to care for my friends. It makes my spot no longer a spot, but an action. And recently I’ve spent a lot of time focusing on things to do, rather than things not to do. But hopefully we’ll have a bit more of that in some upcoming posts.

For now though, I’m curious about what things people thought they always wanted, but in the end realized that it wasn’t really what they wanted. What are the things that you thought weren’t attainable but now are actually within reach?

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