The World Goes Round And Round

Tonight’s post will be fairly short. Mainly because a lot of the things I’m working on I’m not necessarily ready to share just yet, and a lot of things I’ve been doing have been more or less the same the last few weeks. While I appreciate most of the sporting events that come this time of year, I’m probably the happiest that this is the League of Legends world tournament time. For those who haven’t really watched competitive esports or don’t really think it’s a sport or find traditional sports boring, I would encourage you to at least watch. In terms of viewership it’s actually currently up there with other major sporting events when you include the world market, just as a fun concept to think about.

In terms of reading, lately I’ve actually reduced some of my reading load to try and focus in on quality over quantity. I’ve started reading the same couple of chapters every night for my daily bible study in hopes of seeing if I can pull different things from some of the more challenging and inspiring verses that I’ve been exposed to lately. Additionally, I’ve been working on pulling a few of my latest reads together to try and do some extra writing. Other than that lots of work and various activities. Also because of said various activities I’m a tad tired at the moment which also influences the length of this post and it’s timing. Because one of my goals recently is to try and focus on my energy level and stress level I know that relaxing is an important thing and therefore, this is the end of this post. Will hopefully have some more news on a few projects soon, but until then, have fun.

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