Life Happens

Obviously this post wasn’t published on Sunday. The reason for that is simple. Life happens. The last few days have been quite interesting for me. Between getting a new car, spending a couple of days hanging out with really amazing people, seeing some amazing scenery, and seeing my dad get an award for a career of excellence.

Sometimes life doesn’t need a lot of explaining, and this is one of those times. I’ll probably have some more to say about it at some point in time, but a big takeaway for the last week is that life happens. For someone like me who likes to plan things out and have a lot of control, I’ve been working to embrace life a lot more this year. Which is probably a good thing since things have changed a lot for me in the past year. It’s also interesting how there is a clear difference at times between the way I want life to be and the way life is Sometimes that is life showing me how much better life actually can be than what I think it is. Sometimes it is life trying to show me a better way, but me not listening so it needs to say things a little stronger.

Another thing I’ve really come to appreciate the last few days and even the last few weeks. Sometimes it is the little things that you don’t pay attention to that are sometimes the most amazing things of all. Whether it’s the turn of phrase someone uses in conversation, or the perfect angle of clouds in the sky, a refreshing breeze, or something as simple as a warm welcoming gesture, sometimes life just happens. In those moments hopefully you and I can keep paying attention and appreciate it for what it is.

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