Taking A Break

While the last couple of weeks we’ve talked a little bit about setting up the idea of what you need to do. This week is going to be slightly different. In honor of Labor Day we are going to take the time to talk about taking a break. Most people love holidays because it means getting a chance to see family and friends, usually enjoy some food, and maybe do a couple of activities. For some people all of this means added stress. While there are a lot of reasons and meanings and activities that are important, I think it’s always important to take a few minutes just to do nothing.

Taking a break helps us to reset. Sometimes our lives just seem out of sync. Sometimes they run great. Sometimes they’re all over the place. But when we take a break, we give ourselves to look and see how we’re doing. We don’t actually need to wait for a holiday weekend to take a 5 minute vacation. Personally I try to take a break a couple key times a day. That way I get a chance to reset my mood or at least try to accomplish something even if it’s just getting back into my routine.

When we’re able to reset and refresh it lets us also check in on our stress levels. We can even sometimes find a little more clarity on exactly what it is that we’re doing. Usually when I’m on the wrong path or doing the wrong thing, my body has some physical tells to let me know it’s a little stressed out, or just isn’t feeling it. Taking time for yourself is sometimes helpful for your interaction with others. I’m sure your co-workers, friends, and family will appreciate you taking 5 minutes for yourself.

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