When Life Happens, What Do You Do?

Bad things happen in the world. Sometimes those things happen to you. Sometimes those things might not seem as big as somebody else’s things. Just because your issue might not seem as big as somebody else’s stuff doesn’t mean that it isn’t an issue for you.

Photo by Alex Green on Pexels.com

When life causes unexpected or bad things to happen it’s okay to take a moment and say “this kind of sucks.” That moment can take longer for some than others, and that’s okay. Sometimes people use words other than sucks, and that’s also okay. For some people it is easy to immediately deflect and say things like, “Other people have it worse than me.” This might be true, but you matter and your thing matters too. There are also times when we just pretend that if we just don’t do anything that those issues will go away, and maybe sometimes they do. But sometimes we need to create a plan for how to get back on track.

For me one of the things that I’ve found to help me when life sucks and my moment is over is to use the B.E.S.T. practice method:

Breathe – There is a lot of science behind breathing and it’s physiological benefits. I highly recommend the box breathing method (Breathe in for a couple seconds, hold for a couple seconds, breathe out for a couple seconds, hold for a couple seconds, and repeat).

Explain Simply – Sometimes stating the problem in the simplest terms we have at the time can help us come to some obvious conclusions or even help us frame the situation in terms that feel more manageable.

Seek Other’s Advice – We’re not designed to be in this life alone. Sometimes it is important to include others as they might have experience solving the problem we need solved. If your issue is that you don’t have anyone else to turn to, the internet is full of problem solvers, experts, and helpful listeners. But be aware, sometimes there are people with less than good intentions.

Take action – When you have a plan to move forward, take action. The plan doesn’t always have to work, but moving yourself along the path towards a solution typically takes you out of your situation.

If your action doesn’t work, you can keep going back and starting this method over again. That’s why it is the B.E.S.T. PRACTICE method. As you practice, some of the steps become easier. This doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen or that sometimes your plans won’t work. But rather it gives you a system that you can use to get started trying to improve your situation.

Do you have a system that helps you when life happens? Leave a comment below. If you’re looking for someone to help you with one of your problems, please leave a comment below. If you’re wanting to help others with problems you’ve solved, please leave a comment below.

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