Stop: Life Event

When I was younger one of the board games that I found myself fascinated with was the game Life. There’s just something about how fascinating it is to see life which at times can feel so complex be something broken down to a complete game of chance that kids can play. Yet the more I think about it sometimes I find myself making things too complicated. Life sometimes feels like we’re just waiting for our own turn to go forward, without considering where we are and enjoying and appreciating the life that we’re living. In the game it’s fascinating that they have actual stops in the game to make you take note of special life events.

Wedding day for example, is a turn that functions differently than what the normal progression to your life is. As someone who is currently working on planning a wedding it’s very easy to relate to this abnormal life cycle. Yet there is something interesting about the depth of detail that exists in weddings that should make it feel like something more than a normal day. It’s a commitment and a proclamation to the world. Which I’m sure I’ll have more to write about eventually, but it’s also interesting to think about how we don’t always put depth of detail into every single day.

Yes it would be very stressful and very time consuming to have every single decision about every single day have some of the same impact or weight that can go with things like a wedding day or naming a child or picking a college to attend. That’s why we tend to highlight some of these decisions, but sometimes the intensity of the decisions make for different outcomes. For example, when you host a party you tend to pay a lot more attention to every little detail compared to say just eating a meal by yourself.

One of the big takeaways that I’ve started to work on is how do I add some meaning or impact to certain things to add a little more depth to the every day. In other words how do we start making every day have a moment where we give ourselves permission to stop and say this could be important even if it’s only for a little bit. When my meal goes from “oh I’m just having leftovers” to “Here’s an opportunity to try out a new recipe” I’m giving myself permission to create more impact in my life. The impact of small decisions on things like diet can be have a huge impact. Just imagine going from mindless eating to having an experience all because of a shift in mindset. Life has moments that are important, but what do you on the in between? How can you add depth of detail today?

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