Riding The Wave Of Chaos

Recently I was attending a training session and one of the tasks we were given was to pick out a picture and then discuss why we selected that photo. While I’d love to say I had some profound response, it was actually my partner’s response that was noteworthy to me. The picture he chose was essentially a typical surfing or any other wave related picture. However, his rationale was interesting for it’s simplicity that was also very encompassing.


He said the reason he chose the photo was because that’s how he feels he goes through life. Depending on when you look at the photo it could be in that moment of joy riding a wave of excitement. At the same time you can find yourself  right on the edge of seemingly unavoidable disaster. This was interesting because in some regards that’s nothing like my life some days. On the other hand, I can feel the excitement and power of that statement. I find myself feeling like I’m barely hanging on. Where my life seems to be just out of reach or something that is hard to find the balance on.

There are times when I think I have it all figured out, but then when I get to the point that I get to work on what I want to be working on, I find myself exhausted or something else unexpected comes up. So the question then is how do you learn to find the balance and ride the wave that is life? How do you enjoy the ride, acknowledge the danger, and find the necessary balance? That’s the question that I’m trying to figure out at the moment. While I sometimes wish I could have the answer right away, I know that half the adventure and excitement is figuring things out along the way.

I also know that one of the things that is important to step back and realize the journey you are on. Don’t get so caught up in trying to survive that you miss the ride. That’s the real balance I think. Riding the wave in a way that you can still recognize what it is that you are doing. Being part of the moment, while still planning a course ahead.

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