Lent: Less Of Me

This year for Lent, I’ve decided to do something a tad bit different than in the past. This year I’ve given up the ability to pray in a manner that asks for myself except for 3 things a week. The reason I’m posting this now isn’t because I’m looking to show off how religious I am or to try and bring fame or fortune to my struggles. Rather the reason I post this is honestly with an interest in seeing what happens when I ask for help. As I’m obviously unable to ask for certain things I’m entirely in need of other’s help and also just waiting to see what happens. It’s scary to me but here is the opportunity to really see what the community around me looks like. I’m more than willing to have a conversation about the situation, but for now I’m going to leave this fairly brief because I’ve already seen a lot of things happening and I just want to get out of my own way and lets things take care of themselves.

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