Putting The Fun In Fundamental

Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of impossible. If you’ve read this blog over the last few months you would know that I’ve been looking into making a few changes. Some people might confuse this for me not being happy with my life or not being content or not grateful or various other terms. In reality I’m at a very good place right now, however, I’ve found that when I settle into a comfort zone that things tend to spiral down more than trend upward. As such I’m looking at trying some new things this year.

One of the things that is quite different for me this year compared to most is that I’ve been working to reduce the number of goals that I have. It’s not that I think goals are bad. Rather I just want to be slightly more focused this year. Another change that is new this year is that as part of a small intentional focus group I was asked to come up with 3 words to guide me this year. The words that I selected for this year are: Complete, Identify, & Engaged. While I have some ideas of what I want these words to mean or think they could be going towards, I’m fairly certain that God and life will take me in many unexpected directions. The word complete for example continues to confuse me and show up in different unexpected areas and in different ways. Which for someone that really loves to have things figured out, it’s been both exciting and frustrating to not really be in control or not entirely be able to understand where I’m going. But over the 3 weeks of this year I have found myself growing and gaining understanding and seeing that I’m not complete.

There are many areas where I can continue to grow and continue to gain greater understanding and appreciation. Similarly the word engaged could be taken in a variety of ways from the idea of a constant battle between good and evil, to a relationship status, to being present and intentional in a given moment. It’s also interesting to see how various times call out various definitions. Part of why engaged was important to me thought was the idea of being intentional which is something that I’m actively working to do a better job of. There are many things in life that are confusing on their own, but if my being unclear whether emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, or in any other way leads others to confusion, than I’m not doing what I could be as well as I should be.

Another thing that I’ve found myself drawn to this year is just trying new things. While not all new things turn out great, there are some very good results from stepping out and asking questions or testing ideas or being brave and doing something scary. Sometimes the conversations you have can change your life in a variety of ways that you didn’t even know needed changing. But unless you allow yourself that space and opportunity it’s hard to make any real change. Obviously it’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve found that the more I’ve asked and the deeper I’ve searched the more I’ve found myself.

I don’t know that all things that I try or things that I change will be good. But I know that 3 weeks in this year has been pretty awesome so far. Most of it coming back to trying to figure out is there something more? One of the greatest indicators of change for me so far this year has been a question that has been stuck in my head. The question is, what would you need to know to make a decision? It’s so simple and yet most of us avoid making decisions and come up with excuses. By removing those limits and barriers we can start clearing the way for us to see where we can create change or maybe where we don’t need to. Sometimes the things that you have in your life are already really amazing, and you just need to look at it in a new way or work to expand and know it better. Additionally, when we know what we need to know we can begin to create a process for figuring it out, and then we can make a decision, and then we can start moving forward. So this question isn’t about simple reflection, it’s about starting the process for action or for commitment or for engaging at a deeper level.

I’m not sure where this year of change will go. But I hope that you would join me in asking questions and having conversations, and working to develop deeper love and understanding in this world. As always if this post helps you in anyway, I encourage you to reach out and talk to me or if you don’t feel comfortable with that find someone that you are willing to share with. But please don’t be afraid of change, I know it’s easy to say that not knowing what you might have gone through or might be going through. Life is constantly changing, whether we’re aware of it or not, so sometimes being an active participant in change gives you a little more control than being a passive participate only along for the ride. What’s the worst that could happen? Life gets messy but messes make memories. When most people look back on their lives, most of the time it isn’t to say I wish I would have lived a little less.

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