16 Questions From 2016

Sorry I haven’t posted recently. Had some holiday things and was caught up planning some things for next year. I also wasn’t really sure what to write about as well which causes some issues. However, I have quite a few things coming in the next couple of months that hopefully you’ll check out. So in theme with the year winding down I thought I’d share 16 questions that have impacted me within the last year. Hopefully some of them inspire some conversation or have already inspired some conversation.


In no particular order and for now without explanation:

1. What are you doing or have done recently that requires God?

2. What lies do you tell yourself?

3. What must we stop doing?

4. In what ways are you growing?

5. What is a good idea that scares you?

6. What is the smallest change that would make a noteworthy difference?

7. Do I love myself?

8. If you believe, will you obey?

9. Are you building a strong foundation?

10. If you were to no longer exist, what would the world be missing?

11. Who are you? Why are you here?

12. What does the customer truly want?

13. What could I be grateful for in this moment?

14. Where are your talents today?

15. Are you playing a winnable game?

16. Do you like me? Can you help me? Can I trust you?


Like normal, if you have any thoughts or questions or comments please reach out to me or someone else. I know for some of you things have been speaking to you lately so hopefully this keeps up with that trend. As always I really do appreciate everyone who reads even if you don’t reach out to me. If there are ever topics you’d like me to cover please reach out. Otherwise, I hope you continue to go on this journey, especially for this upcoming year, I think it’s going to be an interesting ride.

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