Cowboy Up

Just because sometimes it is important to remember where we came from I thought it’d fun to share some insight from my childhood. When I was young (like 2-4 years old) I used to wear cowboy boots all the time. I pretended to be a cowboy or a sheriff. There are pictures that exist but I don’t currently have a digital copy of them as of writing this blog. But the important part about young Cowboy Paul is that in that moment that’s what I wanted to be.

As I continued to grow up I fell out of the cowboy boot phase and started picking up a variety of other shoes instead. There were Velcro shoes, soccer cleats, baseball cleats, running shoes, tennis shoes, basketball shoes, and if I had to dress shoes and others. Each of these sets of shoes represented various phases or required tasks that I would find myself in. Yet for some of them they didn’t really come close to being what I really wanted to be. It’s only as I’ve gotten older that I can start to look back and see when I was really doing things that felt right. Now as I embark in this next year of finding myself and learning about others I hope I can find people in their ideal states. I hope people see Cowboy Paul the happy, little kid that is right where he needs to be. And hopefully I can hear your story and help you find your inner Cowboy.

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