The Forks In The Road

There are certain points in the road that we are all able to make certain choices or depending on your beliefs have choices made for us. Going to college, where we work, when/who we marry, where we live, etc are just some of the many clear choices that we encounter in life. What we believe, think, feel, do are all things that make various decisions throughout life change as well. How we make those choices now and how we view how we made those choices in the future can be quite different.

Recently I listened to a virtual summit that featured Michael Hyatt and Greg McKeown. During the segment they discussed how you can be on a parallel path to the right path. Which if you know anything about parallel it means that they won’t cross. Essentially the idea means that just because you might be headed in the right direction doesn’t mean that you are necessarily doing it the right way or on the right or best path. This seems like a pretty good analogy for how I feel life is going for me sometimes. There are times when life seems like it is headed in the right direction, but it just isn’t quite right. Maybe it’s just a lack of motivation, or maybe there is just some other distraction, but whatever it is I just don’t always feel right.

While I’m usually pretty introspective this week I have been even more so. My grandma’s health was failing for the last week and has since passed away. There always seems to be thoughts and feelings and actions that come up around people’s passing that I find strange. On one hand I obviously feel a loss both personally and throughout the rest of my family and the sadness and regrets come from the hole that provides in life. There are also feels that there is no more pain or suffering but rather peace, and joy and comfort in the idea of Heaven, and there is celebration for the life that was and the legacy that continues to live on.

As part of such a legacy I see life in a strangely different pattern at the moment. While I could view life as some drastic change that I’m not doing everything perfectly and how I need to create some rather large change, that’s not how I see it. Instead I see the past year as a very good path. One filled with new experiences, new people, new thoughts, feelings, actions, pretty much new everything. The rebirth of my life in a way. It’s also strange because I can see forks in the road approaching. Questions I honestly don’t have the answer to, some of which I’m bound to screw up. The question is whether going forward if I’ll know whether I’m on the right path or just a parallel path. I just hope that someday I’m able to continue to pass on the right legacy.

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