Big Things In Tiny Packages

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll learn something rather quickly. That is that I tend to take lots of photos of sunrises and sunsets. I’m not really sure why, but there is just something so amazing about the colors and the details you notice at those times. That isn’t to say that nature and creation aren’t beautiful at all times of the day or night. Rather it’s that there is something so fleeting about getting just the right moment that is amazing.

As I think through parts of my life, a lot of things seem to come out of those right moments. Making a decision on where to go to college is always a big thing, but for me a lot of the decision came down to small little details. I can still remember going on various college visits and to this day can remember how I went to one college where other than the tour guide not a single person on that campus talked to me the whole time I was there. Compared to most of the colleges I went to where just walking down the street people would say, “Hi, glad you’re here, hope you enjoy it”, or something similar. These little acts brightened my day.

I can also look back on some of the best relationships I have and look at some of the best moments of those relationships and for me a lot of them are small little stories that make no sense to anyone else. The fact that with the right person I can just say a brief sentence or even just list a name and it will bring smiles and laughter is a great thing. The world is such a funny little thing, and yet most of us don’t take the time to laugh. The thing that I find the most interesting about the sunrise lately is that when I don’t see it, my whole day just feels slightly off. Granted a day like today where it was a little rainy I’m pretty okay with because this is some of my favorite weather. However, on days when it’s just cloudy and the sun is hidden, I just feel off. Like you forgot something, but just aren’t sure what it was. It’s in those moments that I’ve really come to appreciate just what the sunrise is really there for. Sometimes it’s that little start to the day that when you can appreciate your whole day just seems to get better. It’s just a tiny little thing that when you win the morning first thing in the morning, the rest of the day and the rest of the world just don’t seem so bad. So I’d encourage you the next chance you get, take a few minutes to just bask in that warm morning light and see if it doesn’t get you a little fired up.

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