Three For One Special

First off, after having talked with a few of you, I’ve been encouraged to post a little more frequently. Therefore, I’m going to try a new schedule of posting on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. With that in mind there are some specific topics that people wanted covered a bit more so at least for now the posts will somewhat have a theme tied into them. This way for those of you who care about certain topics you’ll know which articles to avoid and which to come for. The theme for Tuesday will be more about my past and stories or themes that are somewhat relevant to the present and possibly the future. Some of you expressed learning more about my view and stories from articles such as the article Missing Piece article.

The Friday article will typically be about topics related to my experiences and research into sport and exercise psychology or if you would prefer performance psychology. For those of you who have read this blog and still have no idea what that means, I’ll probably be covering topics such as routines, mastery, expertise, motivation, leadership, flow, communication, goals, learning, and many other topics. If any of that sounds interesting please check out the Friday articles.

Sunday articles will be more of a what’s happening right now kind of article. If what you really care about is what I’ve been going through or my take on current events or just random things that have happened to me lately, this would be the time that you’re going to want to check out. This will also include some updates on things that I’m reading (which I’m also planning to have a more updated section available on this site), different Bible Studies or other courses that I’m going through, and questions or surveys for people interested in participating alongside me.


Second, while I’m in the process of making changes, I’d still like to hear from you on what you want to read about, what you think I’m doing a good job of, or what you think I could do to improve. One of the suggestions that a couple of readers had was to include a few photos (For those wondering if I don’t use my own photos I use Creative Common released photos usually from Pixabay). Which some of you also said you don’t like photos as it takes away from the articles. Some of you prefer the longer format, and some the shorter. I will try to do my best to meet the preferences and ideas that you have, but I won’t promise anything.


Third because this article is already longer than some of you like I won’t share a ton more this week. However, because some have asked for it next Tuesday I’m going to talk about dating and other relationships. As such I thought I would start some of the conversation with two quotes that I think hold a lot of weight and truth to them. Both of them come from the book Sex God by Rob Bell.

Love is handing your heart to someone and taking the risk that they will hand it back because they don’t want it. That’s why it’s such a crushing ache on the inside. We gave away a part of ourselves and it wasn’t wanted. Love is a giving away of power. When we love, we give the other person the power in the relationship. They can do what they choose. They can do what they like with our love. They can reject it, they can accept it, they can step toward us in gratitude and appreciation.

As a reminder it won’t just be about dating…

If you see me for who I really am, the me that no one else has ever seen, the me that I wouldn’t dare to show anybody else on the planet, the parts of me I’m not sure I want anybody ever to see, if I give you that kind of glimpse into the seat of my being, into my soul, will you still love me like you do now?

If you made it this far thank you. I hope you enjoy this new style and adventure. As always please feel free to reach out to me, I’m open to your stories, comments, praises, critiques, or anything else you have for me.  At the end of the day I’m not perfect but I try to get better every day and I’d like to invite you to join me in that journey.

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