Bringing Life Into Focus

Water. Ice. Vapor. Liquid. Solid. Gas. Walk. Jog. Sprint/Run. While taken on their own most of these are fairly “simple” concepts that we somewhat understand. At some point in our life we’ve all probably experienced some variation of these sets of words. The thing that most of us probably don’t think about is the points of transition from one state into the next. If you’ve ever watched a marathon or some other massive participant race (please read as not the Olympics), you’ve probably seen people who are somewhere in between a walk and a jog or a jog and a sprint. In those moments you feel bad because the person struggling to find the transition point between a walk and a jog is struggling and failing more than if they could just convince their body to walk or to jog. This lack of clarity or transition point is something most people don’t spend that much time on. Yet maybe this is where more focus should be placed.

It seems so easy to view life solely as past events, current events, or potential future events. Yet clearly the present is a result of the past which will obviously have an impact on the future. The view we bring to life therefore is similar to looking through a camera. As you zoom and out sometimes the focus shifts from the background to the closer details. Sometimes you lose some of the finer details to focus on the wider view. It’s in finding the perfect balance for each given moment that life seems to come into focus. Everything I’ve gone through in life has gotten me to this point, and there is a reason that I react and think and feel. It is in coming to grips with this that I find myself confronting multiple points of transition.

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