Day 365: Finish Line

We made it. One year in the life of me. I’m not really sure how much has really changed, but I can say that a lot of thinking has changed so while it doesn’t always appear, change has happened. Thank you to all who have been reading even if just on occasion. Thank you to those who have been there and participated in this year, and to those who have talked about what has happened.

The next thing to address is what is going to happen now. While it was a nice routine of sorts to talk everyday there were honestly days where I didn’t have much to say. So at this point I’m not going to continue to write everyday. However, I will try to at least put some thoughts down every week so as to keep some notes on the year(s) ahead. I will also try to address some of the bigger issues and events that are happening as I can, and will try to do a bit more free writing and less of a this is what’s happening today. I can’t say exactly when the next post will come, but I can say it probably won’t be for a couple of days as I try to take a little bit of a break and focus on school for the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for the great year, hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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