Day 362: The System Is Broken

Perhaps the biggest thing that is truly evident in the past year is just how broken the world is. At this very moment there are things happening that are just broken. People are put into situations because of other circumstances which cause them to do things that other people won’t agree/approve of. The system is the problem not the people. Whether it’s how we treat politicians, police officers, or the poor, people are not the problem. The system for how we deal with things is the problem. Sometimes the system is broken because people are imperfect, but that just means that system wasn’t calibrated for human error. The problem with a broken system is how we solve it. We can sit back and do nothing or we can change things. Unfortunately one of the big things that has viewed is people instead of creating change, lash out in anger. This doesn’t usually help the problem and typically either makes the problem harder or creates new problems. Instead I think the thing that will help create the most positive change is the idea of solution driven criticism. This is the idea that you can’t complain if you A. don’t have a solution to the problem or B. are working towards creating a solution. Some people can see the problem but because of things such as means, power, or education they are unable to solve the problem. However, instead of just complaining about it people can work towards informing or persuading those who do have the means, power, or education to help solve this problem. The system is broken, but an identified error can be solved, but only if people are willing to solve it.

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