Day 361: One Day At A Time

Something I’ve really thought about this past year is just how long a day is. At times it felt like days were flying by. Other times it felt as if the day would never end. Sometimes days felt crowded and busy and other days felt empty and pointless. In the end it was always about learning to make the most of a day. I found that if I set a couple of small goals to accomplish every day even if I got nothing else done I could at least say I was a little productive. Additionally, setting a routine that had me always at least think about something to write about on here really helped me to catalog just what happened this year. While not every day felt like I did something, looking back on the year I can safely say I remember much more of this year than many other years, and not just because it is the most recent. Rather it’s because writing things down has really reinforced just how much goes on in a day.

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