Day 356: Intensity & Urgency

The thing that I find as the most common advice I hear from coaches and athletes and commentators is the need for urgency and intensity. People of all walks of life do similar things. However, the “true experts” are people that tend to take things at a more serious level either in intensity or urgency. Mainly, they want to get things done because they understand it needs to be done. It’s really interesting when watching sports to see a game that “doesn’t mean anything” suddenly become a game where the team expected to win loses because they weren’t urgent enough. Other times there are teams that don’t rush because they understand that they don’t have to be urgent and can relax and play within their system. So understanding urgency is a very interesting thing that has really been a big part of something I’ve learned this year and if I was going to tell young athletes anything it would be learn how to measure urgency for what you are doing.

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