Day 351: How Does That Happen?

Watching the news there are multiple reports from across the country of massive pile-ups due to weather related circumstances. Maybe it’s a product of having to live through winter every year AND being a somewhat logical person, but I just don’t understand how every time the weather changes people get in accidents. I understand that accidents happen everyday. I understand that they are serious things. I understand that sometimes accidents are just that… an accident. I understand that people “need” to travel for things like work or to get home. What I don’t get though, if you know conditions suck, why do you drive like conditions don’t suck? If the road is clearly icy/snowy/wet/etc than don’t drive like it’s the middle of summer on an open highway, especially if you’re on a crowded interstate.

One of the stories that always stuck with me from driver’s education was a man who rode a motorcycle who was riding with friends when a car came from the other lane into their lane and struck all of the other motorcyclists except him. He said something very similar to, “Driving can seem very easy at times. Sometimes you stop thinking about what you are doing. Those are the moments when bad things can happen. Don’t make it harder on yourself by being distracted. The hardest thing about driving is the thing you can’t control, the other people around you. Slow down, enjoy the ride, and give yourself plenty of time to react. It might just save your life someday.”

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