Day 346: How Inconvient?

I don’t blame this person, they were just doing their job. However, if I get a statement or bill that lets me handle the claim through a website or email, and I take that route, I don’t necessarily want to be contacted by phone in response. If my email was enough of a clue for you to find my contact information that I didn’t supply in the email, then it should have been enough information to handle the question I was investigating in the first place and be able to be resolved through email (which was the method I chose to contact by). However, if the issue couldn’t be resolved that way, then why list it as an option for handling such an issue in the first place? Or if that specific issue couldn’t be resolved, why not email me back saying that I needed to call in to handle such steps, as opposed to immediately jumping to that step and calling me from a number that I couldn’t necessarily identify as being attached to what I was wanting to do and regarding my personal information?

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