Day 340: Favorable Chances

Today I had a multiple choice test. In disclosure I didn’t pretty well on the test. However, even doing well I still didn’t like the outcome of the test. Not that I have a problem with the grade, I had a problem with the test. It isn’t so much this specific test, just tests in general. In some scenarios tests are designed with the correct applications in mind. In other situations they aren’t. For example, when writing a computer program, you typically would have a large editing/testing section of creating the program. So if you were to make a small mistake you would generally be able to catch this error and if you know what you are doing would probably know how to fix it. So say you have two fairly similar ways of creating that project and you can’t remember a specific case that you can’t use one and have to use the other. When your program doesn’t work you know exactly what to do. On the other hand on a test if you know that it is between 2 different choices if you choose the wrong one you get it wrong. In fact that “wrong” choice isn’t any better than the other 2 even the one that makes totally no sense in the given situation. Additionally, tests are designed specifically to trick you in some situations, throwing in very specific words or changes words that aren’t typically in specific circumstances. So while you in the “real” world you would basically never see an option when the middle word in a 5 word sequence has been substituted (assuming you know the rest of the sequence) it wouldn’t really make sense to look super close (obviously it’s important but for speed, expertise, time, etc we’ll take into account that you’re auto-piloting not neglecting). This means that a question that doesn’t allow you to operate under normal circumstances creates problems that wouldn’t typically occur. Which is to say that testing won’t always occur in ideal situations, but when the chances of something should be in the favor of the person taking the test to prove that under normal circumstances they know what they are doing, then some testing patterns shouldn’t apply. So for all people who do testing regardless of the type of testing, remember the important thing is what the testing is supposed to be testing not whether or not you can create the hardest, most rigorous, or misleading test. Again though, I did really well on this test, I just don’t like tests because of how they’re worded.

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