Day 336: One Month

So we’ve come to the point that we’re 1 month away from reaching the end of this journey. So at this point I thought I’d put the next 30 days into some sort of plan, although that plan may or may not change. However, the plan at this point is to come up with some sort of summary or learning experience for the past year. It might be 1 item a day or it might just be 1 or 2 complete summaries. Another point is to also include some current updates for what’s going on and what will happen as this year wraps up. Additionally, there might be another theme for the month to make it more entertaining than just a recap of what’s already happened and what could happen. So more or less, keep tuning it to see what happens for the final month. After all if you’ve got this far with me don’t you want to see how it ends.

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