Day 324: MacGyver

Recently I started watching the MacGyver series. which is a very interesting series. If you can get past the 80’s music, 80’s special effects, and 80’s fashion, it’s a rather interesting show. I wonder if they’ll ever redo it in another few years similar to how they are currently redoing shows from the 60’s and 70’s currently. The interesting thing about MacGyver is that everywhere he goes he always has a Swiss Army Knife, matches, and usually is able to find all kinds of things laying around. Why this is interesting is that if you think of current times most people don’t walk around with a knife, chemicals are somewhat locked away and out of sight, there aren’t tons of handy things to make explosives with everywhere. Even something as simple as a wrist watch isn’t as common as it used to be which takes away ones ability to make a lot of MacGyver style inventions.

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