Day 317: Finals/Midterm Week

The last decade has seen me endure a lot of finals/midterms. All I can say is I’m a big fan. Some people stress and freak out. This just shows how unprepared they are for what they are experiencing. For me I see it as an opportunity. You have the chance to play Jeopardy. You take all those crazy random facts that stick out to you from all those hours of lecture and reading and worksheets and anything else and shove it into a fun trivia style game. Then you’re basically playing for money. If you get the question right you improve your chances of getting a real job with real salary (eventually… see lots of finals). Fail and you might lose some money either to re-taking the class, needing to invest in more learning in the future, so on etc. The real key though is don’t freak out. Set a schedule to get stuff done, do it, and profit.

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