Day 314: Sometimes It Just Goes Too Far

Tonight was the Heisman Trophy Presentation presented to the most outstanding football player. Now some people will say these types of awards are rigged and all about publicity for national championships. However, I believe any of the finalists could fairly have been argued for. So I have no qualms about the winner.

HOWEVER, there are sometimes stories brought up that really don’t relate to the facts or the true details of the situation. This isn’t to say that conspiracy theories can’t be true, BUT sometimes they’re just ridiculous. For example, there was a post I saw on facebook tonight that said that the Heisman trophy is a sexist invention to prove male superiority. The premise was built around the idea that because Heisman is spelled He Is Man that clearly it’s a sexist thing (not noting the fact that there is an actual former football player/coach/sponser who was one of the people who helped establish a voting college to determine the best player, and then died which led the committee to name the award after him).

Now it might be true that football is predominately played by men, but that doesn’t mean that women can’t play, so the fact that people are claiming something as sexist because nobody has done it isn’t the same as nobody being able to do it. Sometimes things just go too far.

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