Day 295 Fad Or Forever?

Today marked the end of a trial scene by many as the trial of the generation. Officer vs civilian, black vs white, so on and so forth. Everyone believes that their side is right regardless of what any jury may say. The thing that is interesting to me though isn’t what happens today, and it might not even happen tomorrow. It’s what will happen in say 20 years from now. When people look back on this day, will they say “that was the day that things changed for the better?(or worse?)” Will they even look back? Y2K was a pretty big deal for awhile, but now most people don’t really think about it. On the other hand, days like today were mentioned in the Civil Right’s movement of the 60’s. The point being sometimes what matters in a moment doesn’t matter over time, which is good or bad. We’ve come so far, yet there is still so far to go.

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