Day 273 Dear Politicians Your “Opponent” Is A Person Too

I would be thrilled if there were no such things as negative political campaigns. I don’t care about every mistake every person has made. I care about what will happen not what has happened. The fact that people spend most of their time picking apart their opponent instead of telling about the good things they want to do is frustrating. It’s like Bambi taught us, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Life might be a lot better if politicians were quiet. Communication is mostly non-verbal, yet all you hear is lots and lots of talking. Maybe there should be more listening? Or maybe there should be more consideration about the message you send to young people who are supposed to aspire to be Presidents and leaders, that it’s okay to talk bad about everyone else, that it’s okay to criticize without coming up with a solution of your own, and that it’s not about who is better, just who can throw the most dirt. Great models we set for that next generation we’re supposed to care so much about.

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