Day 270 Accordion Education

Today in class, one of the other students finally uncovered the beauty of Accordion Education. Now you might wonder exactly what is Accordion Education. The answer… it’s expanding your education base and then simplifying it. Take math for example, throughout the first few years you’re simply adding more and more pieces of information. You learn to count, you learn to add. You learn to subtract. But then you learn to simplify, by learning to multiply, divide, you learn to do fractions, etc. You start estimating, you start using replacement methods, you start to use formulas, you do all kinds of higher order thinking that isn’t just addition and subtraction. While this seems like harder and more complicated, you already know the basics, now you’re just learning to process faster and more efficiently. Instead of needing to add 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10… you learn to just multiply by 10’s. Yet before you can make it simple you need to make it big.

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