Day 268 Parental, Absolute, or Other Value Propositions

Somewhat continuing off yesterday’s theme of political ideology, one of the things that makes me laugh is how people judge other candidates. Maybe it’s just how I process things, but making a subjective claim doesn’t make your case to me. Saying, I’m the best candidate for the job with no supporting facts doesn’t help. Saying well this person’s plan sucks, doesn’t tell me why. I’m actually all for political debates, as long as they serve a purpose. It’s easy to continually pick apart other people’s plans without standing for anything yourself. The other thing though that I find interesting is how people treat certain values. Take for instance same sex marriage. There are some people who are absolute in their judgement of such an issue. They say same sex marriage is right or wrong, but there is no gray area. Or they say this is bad, so you’re a sinner and that’s the end of things(which we’re all imperfect so this claim doesn’t actually say much).

On the other hand there are people that treat the same issue in what we’ll refer to as the Parental value system. That is to say, people might do things bad, but you still love them, because they are your kid. So going back to same sex marriage, you don’t have to agree with same sex marriage, but you wouldn’t love someone less just because they aren’t perfect. Parents tell kids not to do things all the time, yet kids still do them. You as a parent aren’t living their life for them. Kids will make choices, sometimes ones you wish they wouldn’t. The reason value systems are in place is to help kids to learn right from wrong, what will hurt them and what won’t, what is fair and what isn’t, and how to think for themselves. When society creates absolutes as soon as things get pushed into a gray area they either have to instantly be treated to all their eventual outcomes or they will be unhandled which creates logical flaws. With parental value systems, you create guidelines that you support, but are still understanding of when things are outside of your system. Absolutes take nothing into account, Parental values takes other things into account and regardless of the outcome, the child is still your child and you will still love them.

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