Day 261 Superstitions are SUPER hilarious

I love sports. Yet I don’t really get the whole idea of being a “super fan”. Dressing up really crazy and doing things sure it’s a way to get more involved. But at the end of the day does it change the outcome of the game? I guess if the key player on the other team noticed you at just the right moment, maybe. In general though, you’re basically just a 3rd party person watching the game from the outside whose combined effort might give some energy or distraction, but not necessarily. So rather you’re just like everyone else there only you think you have superpowers. So that’s cool I guess. I don’t want to make people dislike being a fan, fans are important, it’s part of the reason spectator sports exist. However, I just find it funny. If you’re going to take credit for the good things, take credit for the bad things. Hold a press conference for the times you accidentally sneezed and your pitcher blew a no-hitter, or you spilled your food and the kicker missed a FG. That’s on you, just as much as rubbing your bald friends head leads to wins, or touching every door frame makes your favorite team hit better. So just remember, being a fan is SUPER, but with great power comes great responsibility.

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