Day 259 Were You Watching When ????

Today was the League of Legends Season 4 World Championship. Now for some people this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. For others such as myself it shows the changing of the guard. While most people view sports only in the traditional sense of physical activity, some are seeing truly how important this generation is taking eSports. While in America eSports has a long ways to go to be the equivalent of other traditional sports, in some countries such as China and Korea eSports are very much a part of mainstream culture. So in 20 years there might not be a League of Legends but at the same time in 20 years some might be able to say I was watching when this happened. A lot of people dismiss parts of culture, saying things like cellphones look stupid or that computers are way too big to be considered a personal product or way too technical, are eSports another of these “outrageous” trends? Or will technology eventually be such that people can combine eSports and traditional sports in such a manner that you take the physical risk of a sport such as football out of the equation, but still have all of the spectacle of the competition? Were you watching when it started?

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