Day 257 If I Made That List We’d Be Here For Awhile

Some people say I’m picky, fair enough. Some people say I have a lot of pet peeves, also fair. I, however, see it as knowing what I like and don’t like. If I was to make a list it’d take forever. So my common sense rule is think first, ask second, act third. For example, as some people know probably my greatest pet peeve is the incorrect use of % with regards to effort, ie “I gave 110%.” Now if said person would have thought about what they were saying… really thought about it they would either realize that you can’t give more than 100% or realize how silly it would be to stop at 10% extra. If you could give more, why wouldn’t you give 1000%? So instead we have someone who is just showing they fall into the norm and just say what they hear others saying without really thinking about it for themselves. Similarly, it’s usually better to ask if something is okay, than to just assume and do it. There are always exceptions, but it’s sort of like taking someone’s food. If you asked for a fry it’d probably be okay, but because you just took one without asking it’s somewhat irritating. Again a fry isn’t a huge deal so it probably wouldn’t lead to anything, but what happens when it’s your car, or your favorite shirt?

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