Day 254 More Work = Less Work

Some people in class complain about the amount of work, or the purpose of the work. They have yet to realize that sometimes doing more work actually can mean doing less work. There are two main ways this is true: 1. By doing bigger projects it typically means you have less time to work on other projects, so bigger can mean fewer. Which if you get your big projects done it means you don’t have a lot to do. 2. If you do more correct work up from it means you’ll have less fixing to do later. It’s easy to know what “more” work means, but you don’t always account for the “wrong” work that you have to do. It’s like the saying, measure twice cut once. Only in this case it’s plan twice only do the work once. So more planning = better executing. But you’re right, it’d be a horrible thing to get practice on something that we just learned, because you don’t like busy work and it clearly doesn’t transfer to anything else that we’ll be doing… oh wait.

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