Day 251 Logical Arguments Aren’t Always Logical

One of my least favorite arguments is that because event A happened and event B happened then event C would happen. For example, because team A beat team B, and team B beat team C, than team A is obviously better than team C. Sure it COULD be a true statement. However, it’s not necessarily a true statement. It’s also true that if THIS specific play didn’t happen a game might not result in the outcome that was expected. For example, in basketball if someone scores the final basket than most people see that as the play of the game, completely discounting every other made basket in the game that resulted in even having that play come into meaning. If you were down by 5 and hit a 3 pt shot you still lose by 2. So having another play that brings the game into range is just as important as hitting the final shot. Equally in a baseball game every out is just as important as the final out and every run is just as important as the “winning” run (unless of course there is only 1 run). So please keep your logic in mind when discussing logical arguments.

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