Day 245 Just Because You’re In A Garage Doesn’t Mean You’re A Car

So today in church, the pastor described the following phrase, “Just because you’re in a garage, doesn’t make you a car”. It’s interesting to think about how true this is for the rest of our lives. Just because we’re in a kitchen doesn’t make us a chef, or just because we’re at work doesn’t make us a worker. How many times are we what we think we are just because we show up? Is that all that is actually asked of us, that we show up? Just because a parent is present does that make them a good parent? Just because a student goes to class doesn’t mean that you are a good student. Just because you go on a date doesn’t make it a good date. Being present is simply just the first step, but how sad is it that for some that step is even missing? Even more sadly possibly is that for some that is the only step. Should life not be about finding the next step?

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