Day 236 Life In Surround Sound

Sometimes (okay pretty much every day) I wish I had a special effects crew walking around with me to make life more dramatic. Not necessarily in the explosions and car chases kind of way, but more in the it’d be really fun to have a laugh track for all the jokes in my head. Or some background music. This might not be news to anyone, but the thing that I wonder about is what if everyone had this? If all of the noise was actually being heard. Would people truly be able to understand the world between the noise? I think of big cities with all of their commotion, but even in a small town if everyone has background noise would it all just be white noise? Yet how often do we actually hear the world? Are we not all focused solely on our own lives to the point that we don’t hear the world in the virtual surround sound system that is all around us. How often do we hear the cries of those in need? How often do we hear the sounds of success of someone getting a job or having a kid or celebrating a milestone? How often do we hear the cries of those who are sick or in mourning? If we had a sound track would we be better able to understand exactly what was going on around us? Or would we be too focused on just trying to make our lives better that we fail to notice the destruction and explosions going on all around us?

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