Day 235 Thank You For Your Thank You

Tonight as part of a volunteer fundraiser, I helped clear tables at a local restaurant in town. Nothing too hard to do, but there were some customers that were grateful, some that were indifferent, and some that were actually somewhat hostile. It’s not that big of a deal either way, I could understand how having someone walking around asking if you are done could be somewhat disturbing especially if it’s in the middle of a conversation or things like that. Even still it was interesting that the people who were more gracious to us were also the ones that left tips. It’s like they treated us better all he way around, which is kind of a strange thing. It’s also interesting because by just saying thank you, I almost felt like I should thank them for saying thank you. I thanked them for tipping us and for coming and things like that, but it’s weird that I felt the need to thank people for thanking us.

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