Day 232 Getting Older One Day At A Time

Well today is my birthday. For some people reading this that news might be something you didn’t know about me. For others you know, you might not care, but you know. For others you might really know and care. All are fine. Yet it still always confuses me why birthday’s are celebrated. Not that people shouldn’t be celebrated. But in a way it’s not how you are born since we are all born. Rather we are older everyday so why do we not celebrate “aging days” instead of birth days. Sure it’s nice to celebrate that you survived a year, sure it’s nice to be the center of the world every now and then (at least in your world). But it’s kind of like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day… why do you need a day set aside to celebrate and remember them. Have we really become so isolated or self-serving that we don’t care for others in our life but once a year? If we get wiser as we got older, and we get older every day, shouldn’t we also become more loving and more relational?

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