Day 225 Was I Like That?

So one of the things that is interesting about going back to college for a non-graduate degree, is that it means interacting with a lot of students who are new to college. Which traditionally brings up the “did I act like that as a freshman” sort of question. More than that though, I question whether I was that kind of a student, when I see people who don’t go to class, who don’t do the assignments, who don’t pay attention in class, and then question why they aren’t getting a good great or think they have a future in that industry. If you aren’t willing to put in the time to learn something, then how do you expect to have a future in that area. In thinking about whether or not I was ever like that, I can’t remember many classes where I didn’t try my hardest and not get a good grade. That isn’t to say that every class was my favorite or that I put as much attention into every class as every other one. That said I still did the work and still tried to learn, or at least understood that I wasn’t going to get as good of a grade in things I didn’t work at.

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