Day 220 Relegation… What A Great System

So in some sports there is this lovely term known as relegation. When you have multiple tiers (take European soccer as a classic example) the bottom teams in the top tier become vulnerable to relegation and being sent to the tier below what they are currently playing at. The teams at the top of the next tier have the opportunity to jump up a tier. In some situations this relegation occurs automatically (the bottom 3 teams are out the top 3 teams in the tier below are up), in other systems the teams would play each other. The reason relegation is a nice system is that it creates competition even at the bottom of tiers plus it creates certain strategies for how to deal. The other thing that happens in relegation is you get a chance to prove that you belong at a certain level and possibly proving that while now might not be the time you still belong. In a system with no relegation you just have bottom teams that have no motivation to improve (especially in professional sports where the owners make large sums of money for competitive balance purposes). While everyone can’t be a winner, sometimes being told you belong is much better than just being told you suck.

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