Day 208 When Learning Try To Teach?

There is a saying that I’ve heard multiple times over the year regarding education which says, “If you want to truly know if you’ve learned something, try teaching someone else.” One of the ways in which I try to apply this to myself is by asking lots of questions whether to myself or to others. However, another way I try to approach this is by looking at what is being asked and also what the true purpose is. Things aren’t always perfect so sometimes the two are not the same thing. For example sometimes teachers try to ask a question in such a way as to not include the answer in the question, but in doing so change the question so that it doesn’t necessarily ask what they intended. Other forms include slightly awkward instructions. Finally, one of my favorite things (which again just shows how much of a nerd I am) is looking at how courses or even entire departments teach things in terms of sequences. Foundation skills that are later reinforced and then supplemented by more advanced or less frequently used skills is a very common structure. However, when things become slightly more scattered or slightly less ordered/organized it can lead into a less efficient way of learning.

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