Day 192 Does It Help Or Make It Worse?

Today I was going through my organizational system in order to find some documents I needed (note if you don’t understand my organizational system you should probably start over at Day 1). In the process I realized how having things in boxes can sometimes make things worse. Not so much that organizational structures don’t work, more that it allows people to have more and more things inside of such boxes. It’s not that I can’t handle the idea that all the papers go in one box and then such box has it’s own organizational system. Rather, it’s the fact that having a box for just papers or whatever allows people to continually keep and organize more STUFF. Stuff that isn’t used has a tendency to become junk or trash. Things that are used typically don’t need to be put into boxes because they are being used. So how does one handle the combination of stuff, junk, and useful?

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