Day 191 When Ads Just Make You Laugh

Sometimes I can’t help but think technology is good but a little farther away from being “intelligent” than some people (although maybe a lot closer than others think). For example, ads are supposed to give some relevant information based on user information (or at least that is somewhat of the concept for why corporations track a lot of random things about you). Anyway, there is nothing quite as interesting as having a search for something and getting ads that are directly counter to that subject. For example, going to a healthy foods website and having ads for an all you can eat buffet place. It’s not that the search objective is necessarily not identifying that you are searching for food, but you would think that there would be some filters to exclude unhealthy food joints from a website aimed at helping with health. Maybe it’s just noticing the little details, but still kind of funny, at least to me. Maybe I’m just weird like that.

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