Day 188 What Would Make Golf Better

Last summer I spent time discussing over a few hours how to make golf better. Not that golf is a bad sport. However, today while watching golf I remembered this conversation and couldn’t help but think that everyone thinks they have ideas that would make things better. For example, one of the things that was discussed was making it so there were no boundaries, no set outline, just a requirement that each player finish 18 holes. Such a game would require strategy on the player’s part but would also add lots of danger since balls could go anywhere. Another example of a somewhat good idea is giving an advantage to people based on how fast they play. If you finish under certain time limits than you get extra strokes. In other words make the whole game go faster even if it means they play slightly less “perfectly”. However, perhaps the best idea that came from the conversation… put trackers in the ball so you spend a whole lot less time finding it when you put it in the rough.

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