Day 179 Deadline Deals

I watch a lot of sports and follow a lot of sports. You may know this about me. You may also know that I love draft day for all major sports AND possibly my next favorite day is trade deadline days (sure holidays are nice and opening day and the post season, blah blah blah). There is just something about the dynamics of player evaluation that make teams make decisions that are such random things at times. For example, today in baseball various teams had to weigh whether they had a chance to make the playoffs, whether they could afford to keep the player in the future, and whether or not the value they would be getting back was equal to what they valued the player at. This is interesting to me mainly because value is a very vague thing. Sure there are some players who are steady, but I like to think of it as the stock market where prices or values tend to go up and down and you have to decide if you buy or sell (note I’m also a big fan of sport stock market simulators). The point is that some people will be right, some people will be wrong, and some people won’t really see a major swing one way or the other. The one thing that is really fascinating though is that some people retroactively will say things like… why didn’t our team just pick up this player or that player? The answer is probably this thing called order of events. Without event 1 occurring, event 2 might not be necessary. Therefore, the deadline is interesting not only for what it could mean but also what it might not mean. Just another reason to love a day in the life of a sports fan.

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