Day 178 Excited Yet Not Excited

Some of my favorite books are becoming movies. This is both exciting and not exciting. Earlier this year I saw Ender’s Game… good but personally I liked the book better (probably always true, although it was more of a time/plot development then actual how the movie was done). Yet coming out soon is The Giver, obviously if you paid attention to my favorite books week, this was one of them. I’m also a huge fan of Guardians of the Galaxy. I suppose the other issue besides they are my favorite books so there are always huge expectations, is the fact that movies are expensive to see in theater. So you have to choose, and you have to decide what is worth it. Just because it’s your favorite book doesn’t necessarily mean it will even make a great movie. Just because it’s a great movie, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be better in theaters. I see this as an issue the movie theaters are going to have to solve over time but that’s a different issue altogether. In the end I just hope that if I don’t see it in theaters it won’t be ruined by spoilers from other people or the media or what not. Or even worse, be scared off a movie because of the reviews, good or bad that it might be receiving. So excitement but contained excitement is in the air, at least for me.

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