Day 176 The Value Of $1

At least at my house there are a lot of political ads coming out now either about how much money is being spent, different policies, or how the other side is obviously wrong. In light of the idea of that, I think it is interesting how people actually spend their money and the effect of said spending. For example, in the most black and white sense there are all those adopt a child for $1 or put a kid through school for $1 a day or things like that. On the other hand one commercial about politics costs thousands to probably tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now assuming that all money being spent were equal which is actually the better use of money? Spending $10,000 to create a commercial that might not necessarily change how people are going to vote OR spending that money on something charitable like say giving to a local food bank or things like that. Then out of such giving chances are you’d probably be given a little publicity (although some might see that as just trying to buy votes), but if you are sincere about helping the community your giving and talking with people that actually need help would seem to be a direct impact. At which point would you not think that those people would want to vote for you. So you have $10,000 that ACTUALLY helps someone and chances are you get votes from it vs $10,000 that doesn’t help anyone (other than TV stations), doesn’t necessarily get you any votes, and in some cases actually puts out your opponents name more than your own. On a slightly grander scale has anyone considered which is the better foreign policy… spending TRILLIONS of dollars on military investments or spending MILLIONS of dollars in aid and science for things such as world hunger, clean water, and preventable disease? Just a thought.

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