Day 165 Stats Say The Darnedest Things

Growing up there was a show called, Kids Say The Darnedest Things. However, while true that young kids are unexpected, in a way I’d argue that stats are even more entertaining. For example, no matter what happens in politics there can be 2 or more stories written about the exact same event. The Democrats will say that 50% of America wants one thing and the Republicans will use the same stats to show that 50% of America want the exact opposite. In sports you see stats used all the time to show how good or bad a player is. In baseball for example, a great hitter gets a hit 3 out of 10 times. So a fan of said player would point out the 3 times they did it right. The non-fan would point out all 7 of the times the player did something wrong. In the end stats say whatever you want, depending on how you phrase them. Knowing this it is your job to actually use stats for good and not evil. No to go find a comic book with stats as the super power…

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