Day 164 Pavlov Vs Schrodinger… Who’s Animal Is Cooler?

I’m a nerd. Even still, I think the following is one of my favorite academic jokes/dilemmas. There are various people who have done experiments on animals of all kinds. Yet two of the most famous are Pavlov’s dog and Schrodinger’s cat (hint: if you haven’t heard of these do a quick google or wikipedia search and then continue). While they are cool for completely different reasons, one has to ask the question, which scientific animal is the coolest? Obviously, there are others such as birds, mice, etc that have also been apart of classical conditioning, plus some of the other experiments that a certain animal rights group might not be overly found of, or the classic birds of evolution from Darwin’s voyage. At the end of the day though I find the idea of ghost cat highly entertaining. Even more so by the fact that the cat at our house is already classically conditioned to respond to the sound of the door opening to bring it its food. So how do you go against a cat that isn’t necessarily a cat? Unless you are allowed to use animals from movies, then how do you go against Caesar (unless you’re a big fan of humankind and or named Brustus… told you I’m a nerd)?

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